XMRVThe perils of pathogen discovery: origin of a novel parvovirus-like hybrid genome traced to nucleic acid extraction columns

Naccache SN, Greninger AL, Lee D, Coffey LL, Phan T, Rein-Weston A, Aronsohn A, Hackett, Jr. J, Delwart EL, and Chiu CY

Journal of Virology 2013 | ABSTRACT | PDF

XMRVExperimental cross-species infection of common marmosets by titi monkey adenovirus

Yu G, Yagi S, Carrion, Jr R, Chen EC, Liu M, Brasky KM, Lanford RE, Kelly KR, Bales KL, Schnurr DP, Canfield DR, Patterson JL, and Chiu CY


XMRVThe genome sequence of Lone Star virus, a highly divergent bunyavirus found in the Amblyomma americanum tick

Swei A, Russell BJ, Naccache SN, Kabre B, Veeraraghavan N, Pilgard MA, Johnson BJ, and Chiu CY


XMRVA novel adenovirus species associated with an acute respiratory outbreak in a baboon colony and evidence of coincident human infection

Chiu CY, Yagi S, Lu X, Yu G, Chen EC, Liu M, Dick, Jr. EJ, Carey KD, Erdman DD, Leland MM, and Patterson, JL

mBio 2013 | ABSTRACT | PDF

XMRVThe mitochondrial genome and a 60kb nuclear DNA segment from Naegleria fowleri, the causative agent of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis

Herman EK, Greninger AL, Visvesvara GS, Marciano-Cabral F, Dacks JB, and Chiu CY

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2012 | ABSTRACT | PDF

XMRVDiscovery of a novel polyomavirus in acute diarrheal samples from children

Yu G, Greninger AL, Isa P, Phan TG, Martinez MA, de la Luz Sanchez M, Contreras JF, Santos-Preciado JI, Parsonnet J, MIller S, DeRisi JL, Delwart E, Arias CF, and Chiu CY


XMRVA novel rhabdovirus associated with acute hemorrhagic fever in Africa

Grard G, Fair JN, Lee D, Slikas E, Steffen I, Muyembe J-J, Sittler T, Veerarghavan N, Ruby JG, Wang C, Makuwa M, Mulembakani P, Tesh RB, MAzet J, Rimoin AW, Taylor T, Schneider BS, Simmons G, Delwart E, Wolfe ND, Chiu CY, Leroy EM

PloS Pathogens 2012 | ABSTRACT | PDF

XMRVIn-depth investigation of archival and prospectively collected samples reveals no evidence for XMRV infection in prostate cancer

Lee D, Das Gupta J, Gaughan C, Steffen I, Tang N, Luk K-C, Qiu X, Urisman A, Fischer N, Molinaro R, Broz M, Schochetman G, Klein EA, Ganem D, DeRisi JL, Simmons G, Hackett Jr J, Silverman RH, Chiu CY


Titi monkey adenovirusCross-species transmission of a novel adenovirus associated with a fulminant pneumonia outbreak in a New World monkey colony

Chen EC, Yagi S, Kelly KR, Mendoza SP, Maninger N, Rosenthal A, Spinner A, Bales KL, Schnurr DP, Lerche NW, Chiu CY

PloS Pathogens 2011 | ABSTRACT | PDF

Papers - Chiu LabA metagenomic analysis of pandemic influenza A (2009 H1N1) infection in patients from North America

Greninger AL, Chen EC, Sittler T, Scheinerman A, Roubinian N, Yu G, Kim E, Pillai DR, Guyard C, Mazzulli T, Isa P, Arias CF, Hackett J, Schochetman G, MIller S, Tang P, Chiu CY



Cultivation and serological characterization of a human Theiler's-like cardiovirus associated with diarrheal disease

Chiu CY, Greninger AL, Chen EC, Haggerty TD, Parsonnet J, Delwart E., DeRisi JL, Ganem D

Journal of Virology 2010 | ABSTRACT | PDF

The long march: a sample preparation technique that enhances contig length and coverage by high-throughput short-read sequencing

Katherine Sorber*, Charles Chiu*, Dale Webster, Michelle Dimon, J. Graham Ruby, Armin Hekele, Joseph L. DeRisi


Identification of cardioviruses related to Theiler’s murine encephalomyelitis virus in human infections

Chiu CY, Greninger AL, Kanada K, Kwok T, Fischer KF, Runckel C, Louie JK, Glaser CA, Yagi S, Schnurr DP, Haggerty TD, Parsonnet J, Ganem D, DeRisi JL


Utility of DNA microarrays for detection of viruses in acute respiratory tract infections in children

Chiu CY, Urisman A, Greenhow TL, Rouskin S, Yagi S, Schnurr D, Wright C, Drew WL, Wang D, Weintrub PS, DeRisi JL, Ganem D

Journal of Pediatrics 2008 | ABSTRACT | PDF

Diagnosis of a critical respiratory illness from human metapneumovirus using a pan-viral microarray

Chiu CY, Alizadeh A, Rouskin S, Merker J, Yeh E, Yagi S, Schnurr D, Patterson B, Ganem D, DeRisi JL

Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2007 | ABSTRACT | PDF

Microarray detection of human parainfluenzavirus-4 infection associated with respiratory failure in an immunocompetent adult

Chiu CY, Rouskin S, Koshy A, Urisman A, Fischer K, Yagi S, Schnurr D, Eckburg PB, Tompkins LS, Blackburn BG, Merker JD, Patterson BK, Ganem D, DeRisi JL

Clinical Infectious Diseases 2006 | ABSTRACT | PDF