We can perform viral analysis of clinical samples, human or animal, using the ViroChip microarray and/or deep sequencing on a collaborative or fee-for-service basis. Shaun Arevalo, BS/CLS, is a CLIA-certified technician trained in metagenomics analysis of a broad spectrum of clinical samples, including respiratory secretions, stool, blood / serum / plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and tissue. Please note that both ViroChip and deep sequencing analyses have not been clinically validated and results are for research use only. Note that the UCSF Viral Diagnostics and Discovery Center is a research laboratory and cannot perform individual patient testing due to federal regulations. We are unable to perform clinical diagnostic testing, and only recommend that patients see their personal physician to discuss available clinical test options.

Our center, in conjunction with the UCSF Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, has developed and is in the process of validating new clinical diagnostic tests. One such test is a metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) test to diagnose meningitis and encephalitis from cerebrospinal fluid, validation of which has been supported by the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine. This web site will be continually updated as new sample types and indications are available for clinical testing.

To request our services for reseach projects, please review the following documents below and fill out and forward to us the project questionnaire and work order forms. If you have any questions or would like to discuss specific research collaborations, please feel free to contact us directly.

Brief Overview of the VDDC (.doc)

VDDC Project Questionnaire (.doc)

VDDC Work Order Form (.doc)